Interventions and treatments for trauma-related disorders across cultures



1. Cross-cultural approaches to trauma recovery 

Project leader: Debra Kaysen

Trauma exposure and related responses are major contributors to the global burden of disease. There are evidence-based interventions for addressing trauma-related symptoms like PTSD, depression, and anxiety, they have predominantly been developed in Western countries. More research has been conducted recently into how to adapt these interventions for other communities and populations, and whether these adapted interventions are effective.


In contrast this project will engage with communities to identify additional approaches to trauma recovery, in the hopes more broadly of identifying both common elements in recovery, as well as to identify approaches that may have population specificity.  

By understanding cultural differences and similarities in the process of trauma recovery, we hope to discover general trauma recovery elements, as well as those that may be population specific. The results of this may drive future treatment development research.

Interested to join this project? Contact Dr Debra Kaysen:

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