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الخميس، 09 مارس



ESTD - AFTD Conference 2023

When Attachment Meets Trauma: Disorganization and Dissociation From Childhood to Adulthood. Quand l’attachement est traumatisé : Désorganisation et dissociation dès l’enfance

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ESTD - AFTD Conference 2023
ESTD - AFTD Conference 2023

الوقت والموقع

09 مارس 2023، 8:00 ص – 11 مارس 2023، 7:00 م

Bruxelles, Rue Gineste 3, 1210 Bruxelles, Belgium

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When attachment meets trauma: Disorganization and Dissociation from childhood to adulthood Quand l’attachement est traumatisé : Désorganisation et dissociation dès l’enfance

For a long time, the clinic of attachment and of trauma were thought of separately, even though the phenomena they dealt with were, from the outset, closely linked. The observation by paediatricians in the 1940s of the experience of children placed in institutions (hospital or not) and deprived of the presence of their parents or a benevolent attachment figure amply demonstrates this.

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